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Meditation Intensives

 Stuart Perrin conducts 2-day Meditation Intensives for students of his Kundalini Yoga practice in Portland, Eugene, New York, Monterey, Chicago, Miami, and other U.S. cities, as wells as in Europe and Brazil.  Click here to view current Meditation Intensive schedule worldwide. 

Students benefit enormously from the direct teachings of Stuart, a highly-developed spiritual teacher who has practiced our meditation daily for 45+ years. Interested practitioners must attend classes at a local meditation center before attending a retreat.

Spending a 2-day weekend with Stuart and his students doing profound inner work is an extraordinary opportunity to advance and deepen your spiritual growth. Stuart provides practical, personal attention and support to help you quiet your mind, become deeply centered, and break through stubborn tensions and blocks to reach your next level of consciousness.

Far from being abstract, the inner work Stuart teaches is experiential. It strengthens the psychic muscle system and produces concrete results:  a mind that works for instead of against you, a heart that fills with joy, gratitude, and compassion, and a real sense of challenge and happiness in your life every day.

"I often tell my students that the proper use of meditation will strengthen their Chakra Systems and help them to become masters of themselves." Alice Stipak, Teacher

What do we have to master?

The answer is simple: a chaotic mind, emotions that are like quicksand, sexuality that transforms us into horny or repressed children who can't deal with an energy so intense it wreaks havoc in our daily lives. Meditation is not a religion or a cult—it's simply a technique we learn that helps us transform our tension into spiritual energy. First, we have to learn to master the energy of mind, emotion, and sexuality and put an end to the war that has run unabated within us from the time of our birth—a war that doesn't allow us to enjoy a single peaceful day.

"If meditation is a craft, then like any other craft, it has tools, and in this case, they are the mind and the breath." Stuart Perrin 

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